For almost nine years now, Jose has been our barn guy. He works with my trainer and for God knows how many hours a day, six days a week for the last nine years, he’s given us and our horses his absolute all. He’s behind the scenes at every show making them look their best, and at home, feeding and grooming and hand-walking every single one of them, making sure they’re happy and healthy. (But anyone can do that, right? Isn’t he paid to do all those things? Who cares? Just hire another guy.)

Trust me when I say that there is literally NO ONE else like Jose. Sure, we could hire someone else to do all those things for us and my trainer’s business would probably run just as smoothly. But no matter where you look, I promise you, you will never find someone who will love our animals the way Jose does.

You can see it in the way he looks at them when he brings them in from the field, or when he talks to them softly in Spanish while he grooms them each day. Sure, Jose is paid to do a job and that job is taking care of our animals. But these animals are his friends.

The other day, immigration waited for Jose outside his home while his wife and twin babies slept. They waited for him to leave for work and as soon as he came out of his home, they pounced on him. Now the ICE men have him in some dark holding cell in North Jersey, away from his family and friends and animals that he so loves and that so love him. He’s sad and scared and so alone, and they’re being horrible to him.

This family man with nothing but love to give is being treated like a hardened criminal. I sit here with tears in my eyes and I ask you for your help.

If Jose is sent back to Honduras, his wife and babies have no chance. He provides for them as best he can, and without him, they’ll have nothing. We’re so distraught over this whole situation, thinking about how frightened he must be and we feel like there’s nothing we can do. So we’ve hired a lawyer, but as you well know, lawyers are expensive. Please guys, even if you can’t afford to give a single dollar, just a signal boost would help so much. Jose has been our dear, dear friend (and so much more) for these past nine years and we can’t bear the thought of him being sent away from his happy little family and ripped away from us, who love him so much. I’m begging you guys to do anything you can right now, even if it’s just a reblog. It would help so much.

Help us keep Jose where he belongs.




If you build the Gladiator’s Sanctum in your Garrison you get a questline called “Nemesis” where you pick an enemy horde/alliance race and once you kill 500 players of that race in PVP, you get a title:

Kill 500 Horde, Alliance players get:

  • Orc: “Orcslayer”
  • Troll: ”Troll…